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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Unknown Friend or Dangerous Stranger (ettekanne analüütilise psühholoogia kongressil augustis 2022 Buenos Aireses)

The topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has fed numerous movies and science fiction books with colourful fantasies about possible scenarios of AI development ranging from friendly or less friendly anthropomorphic robots (Wall-E, Star Wars, Ex Machina) to vicious superpower (The Matrix). Some of us are not interested in such movies, some of us are. But even those who play with the ideas in their mind and then usually forget it or categorize them into interesting but unrealistic mind games. However, AI might not be something that only belongs in science fiction movies.  A study was committed among the top scientists of the relevant field and it showed that in their opinion (median of opinions) the human level AI will be here at 2040 and from there on it might be just hours to Artificial Superintelligence. This is a development which has the potential of extinguishing our species or granting us eternal healthy lives, a development that will change everything and yet be basically ignore it.

In my article I invite you to think about the AI in Jungian way including the questions like:

- Is AI real or is it our collective need for a new God?

- Is there some dissociation in our ignorance of this topic? If yes, then why?

- How would we conceptualize AI in Jungian terms?

- What should or could be our stance regarding the whole issue?

- Does psychoanalysis and psychotherapy have a future if/when Artificial Superintelligence is reached?

I can promise you many questions and very few answers. But let’s try to have a jungian dance with this stranger!

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